Content Marketing

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a business strategy that focuses on creating and sharing valuable media such as blogs, articles, e-books, videos, and podcasts to attract, educate, and grow a target audience.

These days, when people have questions, they most often turn to Google. Because Google is constantly refining its search algorithm, the search results will display the content deemed most relevant to a search inquiry. This content may be in the form of a business web page, a blog post, e-book, video, etc. Put simply, content marketing is a strategy used to produce content relevant to popular Google searches.

Why is content marketing important?

Content marketing is a critical component of business marketing today. It helps increase brand awareness, brand loyalty, and website traffic, which can ultimately increase conversions, sales, and revenue. Today’s buyers are research-oriented. They want to learn all they can about your brand, your products or services, your philosophy, and more – often before they even reach out to a sales rep.

Key benefits of content marketing
1. It supports other digital marketing channels

Digital marketing channels like organic and paid SEO and social media are all beneficiaries of content marketing. High-quality content provides users with valuable information and encourages them to engage with your brand, and can also appeal to Google’s algorithm and improve your search ranking across channels.

2. It’s an inexpensive marketing approach

Paid advertising can quickly drive up your monthly costs and limit your ability to scale your marketing strategy. But content marketing can sometimes help decrease marketing costs because content can often be created by subject matter experts on your team and distributed at no cost. The more content you create and distribute, the more people can find and engage with your brand.

3. It can help attract