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Canadian tech company, Intelius AI, solves complex business problems with expert AI consulting and innovative product development.

Why now?

Intelius AI came to us with a small, ineffective website and outdated brand identity. These didn’t reflect how innovative and cutting edge their AI offering truly is. Their website lacked a clear description of their offering, and it wasn’t intuitive how businesses could engage with them. Intelius had been developing multiple productized AI solutions and was preparing to launch them, but they expected their website would negatively impact their launch. They decided to invest in their brand and website to set the stage for these new solutions, and to better attract and convert customers.

The project objectives

  • Create a sleek, modern logo and attractive UI design
  • Clarify messaging to help users understand the value of the offering
  • Tell the brand story in a visually engaging way
  • Build a website that can scale alongside their offering

What Tiller provided

  • Brand Identity
  • Copywriting
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
The design is amazing. The website is very eye-catching and clean, and the 3D feeling was a surprise for me.
ceo image
Farnoush Farnia
CEO, Intelius AI

Our initial branding ideas

We knew that Intelius wanted (and needed) a smart, modern, but simple brand. One that would stand out in the world of AI, especially given Intelius’ unique approach to pairing AI and business consulting. We focused our brainstorming and moodboarding around energy, brilliance, and creativity.


Crafting the visual identity

The logo came together with angles indicating forward motion. It’s simple but has an air of intelligence about it. And it can serve as a natural parent brand for future Intelius products. For colour palette, we chose purple, black, and teal. Purple to capture creativity and innovation, black to exude professionalism and confidence, and teal to complement them, increase the energy, and catch your eye.


Bringing artificial intelligence to life

The illustrations on this website were fun. Fun to create, fun to share with the Intelius team. There is a modern and techy feel to them, but by introducing people into some of them we were able to make the subject matter feel a bit more approachable. The level of detail paired with the attention-grabbing colour palette delivers a wow factor and helps share complex information in an interesting and engaging way.

intelius illustration
quote graphic

The project management was organized and structured, while still flexible.

Faroush Farnia
Intelius AI


After creating the logo design with a bold new colour palette, we expanded the brand identity to the website and strategically wove together clear, hierarchical copy. We paired the copy with the detailed and modern illustrations to help tell Intelius’ story in a unique and interesting way and designed the website to be easy to scale as they expanded their product offering.

screencapture intelius ai 2021 07 13 14 02 17
computer graphic
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We also like the simplicity of the website in the copywriting. It’s now easy to convey the message to visitors.

Farnoush Farnia,
Intelius AI

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