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Planet DDS delivers cloud-based, mission-critical solutions for dental organizations in the US and Canada. Their practice management and imaging software helps dental practices of all sizes (DSO, solo, and mobile) improve efficiency and drive more revenue. Planet DDS was named to the 2020 Inc 5000 list as one of America’s fastest-growing companies.

Why now?

Planet DDS had been wanting to do a rebrand for a while, but as a large company with an expansive client base, it would be no small feat. When Planet DDS acquired Apteryx Imaging in August 2020, they knew their existing brand and website couldn’t support the expanding product suite.

We reached out to a variety of firms, but we felt Tiller really got us as an organization - not too big, not too small. They were the right size and very focused on website rebranding. It was exactly what we needed in this moment of time. They had a really smart process and perspective on how we could communicate what we are as an organization.

Project objectives

  • Meld two companies together after a major acquisition
  • Modernize the brand and position Planet DDS as an umbrella brand capable of supporting a family of software solutions
  • Deliver a unified message
  • Improve the user experience on the website

What Tiller provided

  • Brand Identity
  • Copywriting
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Video
We knew we needed to think bigger and broader. The Tiller team really helped us think through how we wanted to communicate - not just Denticon or our imaging solutions, but as a unified organization that provides these mission-critical software solutions to dental practices.
David Means
David Means,
Planet DDS

Initial ideas

To achieve the brand objectives, we needed to design a brand that would fit into the dentistry world, but that wouldn’t feel cliche (e.g. we didn’t want to use a tooth or smile). We wanted something that would stand out and feel approachable, modern, friendly, innovative, and caring. As we learned about Planet DDS’ vision and their software solutions, we examined their story – Planet DDS software helps dental practices conquer the unique challenges in modern dentistry and achieve small victories every day.

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a brandmark

When we considered how we could represent this story in a brandmark, the idea of a flag came to mind almost immediately. A flag is, by nature, unique, memorable, and a symbol of leadership. In this case, a flag would communicate that Planet DDS guides dental practices to success.

We shaped the flag like a “P”, the first letter of Planet, but we built it with a series of vertical bars to create movement and represent the data behind their innovative cloud-based software.

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More than
a symbol

Colours and typography also played significant roles in the rebrand. The previous colour palette was muted and washed out, making the brand feel quite outdated, while the typography was a bit too futuristic and not ideal for mobile users. 

We created a more vibrant palette with blue tones that provide a sense of security, calmness, stability, and reliability. The new brand typeface, a versatile and functional sans serif, is more approachable and human and will be well suited for both digital and print needs.

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planet dds van graphic
quote graphic

Tiller really understood us as a company and what we were trying to achieve.

David Means, Planet DDS

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Group 8
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We kicked off the website redesign with a walkthrough of Planet DDS’ old website to see what was working and what wasn’t. It was an expansive website that spoke primarily to dental service organizations. It lacked clear messaging for solo and mobile practices, and the expansive learning center was difficult to navigate. We reimagined the website structure and crafted messaging and illustrations that would clearly communicate the value of Planet DDS software for all three audiences and make it easy for clients and prospects to find the information they needed. The custom illustrations were designed to feel modern and approachable and amplify the copy to tell Planet DDS’ story in a unique and engaging way.

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computer graphic

“I felt like we almost had a mind-meld between Tiller and Planet DDS and we were able to extract the good bits of what we wanted to communicate and incorporate into our new brand and website.”

"Honestly, I have to say the Tiller team made that whole process seamless and easy, by far the easiest of my career in terms of getting us to a new website."

David Means
David Means,
Planet DDS
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I would tell anyone if they’re looking to engage with a smart, thoughtful agency, they definitely need to be talking to Tiller.

David Means, Planet DDS

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As the site and the new messaging came to life and was shared across our organization, you could see people’s eyes light up and say ‘Wow, this is us!’ I think people got very excited about the new direction internally in the company. After we launched the site we’ve received feedback from people in the industry saying ‘Wow your new site looks amazing and it’s a huge leap forward for your organization.

David Means,
Planet DDS

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