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Poor diet is the leading cause of death and disease, and a key driver of escalating health care costs. Tangelo is the first food-as-medicine platform for organizations to run and scale food prescription programs that help improve the health of communities around the United States.

The challenge

Communicate a new way of approaching an old problem - digital food stamps and healthy food delivered right to your door.

Tangelo’s objective for their website was to increase the number of app downloads and signups. In order to attract more funders, they needed to identify more people with a need for healthy food. As more funders join, so does the capacity to serve people in need. But for Tangelo to increase their user-base, they first had to eliminate confusion about how the program worked as well as their relationship with partners. Clear messaging – through both their brand and website – was a critically urgent need.

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  • Naming
  • Brand Development
  • Brand Identity
  • Copywriting
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Product Design
See the website in action.

Launch Site

The solution

Foundational brand and web design with clear and targeted messaging.

The key leaders at Tangelo flew to Calgary for a three day workshop with our team where we focused primarily on strategy, personas, messaging, and storytelling. This foundational work became the launching pad for naming, brand identity, and web design – all of which we used to tell Tangelo’s story. Although the website was small, we were able to strategically target their audiences (the people Tangelo serves and its funders) and ensure that clear calls-to-action were present for each.

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The result

A completely new identity: Name, brand, website, and message.

Jeremy Cooley, Founder of Tangelo, has deeply personal ties to the brand, so it was incredibly important that both the name and brand identity fit the mission of the business. We delivered a very human and approachable brand that would help reduce some of the stigma related to food stamps. Our work in brand and web led to collaborating directly with Tangelo’s product team to refresh the existing UI and take it to the next level. Once we were live the Tangelo team (especially Jeremy) shared how excited they were with their new brand, website, and product.

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